Counter Clock in NC

Production for Season 1 took the podcast to Kill Devil Hills, NC on the week of July 4th.

The town is small, but was super crowded on the biggest holiday of the year there.

First stop, meeting Captain Mark Evans of the Kill Devil Hills Police Department.


Evans is a wealth of knowledge on the Denise Johnson murder case because he was the first police officer on the scene that morning in 1997.

We exchanged greetings and chatted for about 45 minutes about the case. Meeting in person was great, considering we’ve spent countless interviews over the phone together.


Next, Counter Clock went to the Johnson home on 2014 Norfolk Street.

The house still stands but has been remodeled some. It is now an a-frame style house, but overall looks very much like the house Denise was murdered in 21 years ago.

You’ll hear a lot about the host’s adventure in the neighborhood in Season 1.



Finally, production wrapped up in the OBX by uncovering some public records at the Dare County Justice Center.

Bombshell revelations came from this research and the podcast has added yet another interesting avenue to investigate, which very well may lead us to Denise’s killer.



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