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After more than a decade, the question still remains, who killed Bruce Cucchiara?

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When 57-year-old Bruce Cucchiara was gunned down in the parking lot of a New Orleans East apartment complex in 2012, his murder devastated his family and stumped law enforcement. The father and business man seemed to be well-liked and on a positive path as he coasted toward retirement. He was also worth $5 million in life insurance.

For more than a year, CounterClock’s Delia D’Ambra has investigated the case and unraveled a web of bizarre information and circumstances about Bruce’s life and those who benefitted from his death. The geographical and political setting of the murder have a dark history of corruption, fraud and violence, and at every turn, Delia discovers Bruce’s complicated business life may have put him in the crosshairs of several bad actors. From allegations of a setup and ties to organized crime, to Bruce being a key witness in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit, to random robbery…each scenario is something the New Orleans Police Department can’t rule out. Now, 11 years after his brutal slaying, the questions still remain: who murdered Bruce? Why was he even in New Orleans East? Where is the murder weapon?

Delia has discovered new information, tracked down witnesses and revealed secrets within the victim’s closest circle that will blow this unsolved case wide open. CounterClock Season 5 is the most extensive and explosive investigation to date with more than two dozen interviews and over a thousand documents that tell a stranger-than-fiction story about a very real crime.

This is Counterclock.

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Who’s Connected to the Case?

“Who did it?” is the question on everyone’s minds.

Moving counterclockwise, episode by episode, learn more about the people who knew Bruce Cucchiara and the people who were connected to the case.

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When the daughter of a murdered 57-year-old father and business man from Louisiana handed out information packets at a crime convention in 2019, one of the bright yellow folders landed in the audiochuck offices. Four years later, Ashley Flowers passed the folder to CounterClock’s Delia D’Ambra and she took on the case. For more than a year Delia investigated and unraveled a web of bizarre information and circumstances about the life and death of Bruce Cucchiara. Now, 11 years after his brutal slaying the questions still remain, who murdered Bruce? Why was he even in New Orleans East? Where is the murder weapon?


Season 5: Gut Punch Image

Episode 1: Gut Punch

Season 5: New Orleans East

Episode 2: New Orleans East

Season 5: Encounters

Episode 3: Encounters

Season 5: Movements

Episode 4: Movements

Season 5: Phone Calls

Episode 5: Phone Calls

Season 5: Big Tyme

Episode 6: Big Tyme

Season 5: A Company Asset

Episode 7: A Company Asset

Season 5: Conflict

Episode 8: Conflict

Season 5: The Sale

Episode 9: The Sale

Season 5: The Fallout

Episode 10: The Fallout

Season 5: The Recant

Episode 11: Recant

Season 5: Aflame

Episode 12: Aflame

Season 5: Another Body

Episode 13: Another Body

Season 5: Friends or Foes?

Episode 14: Friends or Foes?

If you have information on this case or you would like to contact Delia, email CounterClock@audiochuck.com.