After three decades of rumors, secrets and one man’s conviction…the question remains, who really killed Stacey Stanton?

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In season two, host Delia D’Ambra is back in her home town to investigate another brutal murder from the 90s. To the local police and DA the case is closed and a man has been sentenced for the crime. But to those who knew the victim, it is very much an unsolved case and an innocent man might have been wrongly convicted.

This is Counterclock.

Who’s Connected to the Case?

“Who did it?” is the question on everyone’s minds.

Moving counterclockwise, episode by episode, learn more about the people who knew Stacey and the people who were connected to the case.

Episode Summaries

CounterClock logo

Season 2 Trailer

Episode 1: Cluttered

Episode 2: Prime Suspect

Old Dare County Courthouse

Episode 3: Open and Shut

Stanton’s Friends at Press Conference

Episode 4: Bar Rats

Map of where Harbortown is in relation to the Green Dolphin Pub’s old building

Episode 5: Conflicting Stories

Episode 6: Thin Walls

Mike Brandon

Episode 7: The Break ins

Denise Johnson

Episode 8: Overlap

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